Saturday, January 19, 2013

MTG Wishlist for Android 1.0.0 and MTG Wishlist for Chrome with Gatecrash

MTG Wishlist for Android has recently reached 1,000 downloads! Now we have a new version that brings us some new features:

  • Gatecrash has been included with some spoiled cards
  • Adventures ON store has been included. This store includes Foil and Normal prices and allow users to sell singles.
  • Cards in device's local language can be inserted after enabling it in the settings pane. So if your device is using Japanese language and want to include a card in Japanese, you'll be able to do it.
  • Better look and feel for Tablets with left list and right detail
  • Link to Gatherer on card detail to see the most updated and official data from the Wizards site.
  • More fields (rarity, quantity, foil, signed, altered and expansion set) can be displayed in the horizontal view if they're enabled in the settings. The title of these fields can be displayed in a list header (enable it in the settings page).
  • A footer can be enabled containing the amount of unique cards in the list and the total amount of cards (card x quantity).
  • Fixed some issues.
Here you have some screenshots:

Horizontal view with fields

List column settings

On MTG Wishlist Chrome Extension 2.5.0 we've passed to the manifest version 2 as we did for MTG Finder on 1.6 version.

Now it includes also Gatecrash. We hope to have it synced with the Android app soon.

Don't forget to leave your feedback in the Chrome Webstore and Google Play!


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