Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Android 3.0 Honeycomb is here

The Android 3.0 (Aka honeycomb) SDK has been released for developers. It has been seen at the Barcelona Mobile World congress included in several tabs like Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Motorola Xoom.

Honeycomb provides the users new conectivity options, redisigned keyboard, improved copy/paste actions, chrome bookmarks sync support and others. For developers, it has new UI Framework for creating tablet apps, high-performance 2D and 3D graphics, support for multicore processor architectures and more without loosing compatibility with older apps.

A full list of the new features of honeycomb is available on the Android website.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Android Phones: Google Nexus S and Sony Xperia Play

I'm thinking about buying an Android smart phone. There are two models that I'm contemplating: Google Nexus S and Sony Xperia Play.

The main goal of the Nexus S is that is supported by Google, it could seem a joke but think about it. Being supported by Google means also being supported by Android. This may imply full compatibility with all versions of the OS, including the most of the features of future versions.

Google Nexus S
The Sony Xperia Play brings the play station brand to the phone world. This android phone is also known as PSPhone or PSP Phone. It includes the traditional Play Station controller behind the ultra-slim touch screen. The Xperia Play will provide a lot of old-PSP and PS3 games but you won't be able to use your old copies into this console-phone, unfortunately, you will need to buy them again.
Sony Xperia Play
The major technical specs of both phones are listed below, look and compare them yourself.

Nexus S Xperia Play
Processor1GHz Cortex A8 (Hummingbird)1 GHz Scorpion ARMv
Phone memory16 GBUp to 400 MB
Memory card supportnonemicroSD, up to 32 GB
Size123.9 x 63 x 10.88 mm119 x 62 x 16 mm
Battery1500 mAH1500 mAH
Screen resolution4.0" WVGA (480x800) Super AMOLED / LCD4.0" (480 x 854) TFT
Colors16 M16 M
Camera5 megapixels5.1 megapixels
Camera Zoomyesnone
Front-facingVGA (640x480)none
Video recording720 x 480480p
Audio3.5 mm audio jack3.5 mm audio jack
FM Radiononenone
Proximity sensoryesyes
Digital compassyesyes

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

MTG Finder 0.4

MTG Finder renews its image in the version 0.4. It has new frames with links (to this great side) and to the recently created options page. I've added this because I think that people don't notice the new features, and may stay tuned.

The logo has been changed because it now provides searches in wizards also (no longer only in, and it will provide much more in the future.

The new options page looks like the following screenshot:

You can download MTG Finder on the Chrome Webstore Site.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

MTG Wishlist

Do you often forget the cards that you wanted? Are you tired of noting all your wished cards?

MTG Wishlist allows you to save all Magic The Gathering cards that you want in a wishlist.

Imagine that you are visiting a Magic website and discover a perfect card for your deck. You only have to highlight it and click the MTG Wishlist button to display the popup and add it to your wishlist. You will no longer need pen and paper to write it.

MTG Wishlist

When you insert a card into the wishlist, you will be asked for the card quantity, the approximate card value, card rarity and a custom field named notes for your thoughts like deck or the reason to get the card. The card image will be automatically displayed if is well written in english language and it will oversize when you pass over it with the mouse.

You can sort (asc/desc) your items by card name, quantity, rarity or value by clicking on the wanted title.

There is also an options page to customize the columns to be shown.

Options page

Check it and leave your feedback at the Chrome Webstore site: MTG Wishlist

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wikiquote Chrome Extension

Hi all, 

the Wikiquote Chrome Extension presents its new logo:

I've also improved the layout and included links to the webstore and this blog. The final result is something like this:

The page width has increased and the text it's easier to read. On the footer we'll notice the page links.

You can find the Wikiquote extension here: English version and Spanish version.
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