Monday, October 15, 2012

MTG Finder Chrome Extension 1.6.0 Includes Deck Tutor

MTG Finder 1.6 is here with a main new feature: Deck Tutor search!

Deck Tutor is the new MTG Finder feature
Deck Tutor is a complete trade site where anyone can sell or buy magic cards (and even World of Warcraft and Yu-Gi-Oh!, which are coming soon). Deck Tutor is also the official trade site for one the largest Vintage communities in Europe:

You can search for cards in any language with Deck Tutor search.

If you don't know Deck Tutor yet, have a look at their website, you'll be surprised:

Deck tutor search with MTG Finder sample

Do you want to see Deck Tutor in the MTG Wishlist too?

MTG Finder 1.6 now is Chrome manifest version 2 compliant, so it will be safer and faster for you. Check this link containing the official notes of the Chrome manifest version 2 changes to have more information about it: manifest version.


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