MTG Wishlist for Android FAQ

We expect this page can help to solve all your doubts regarding the usage and cool features of MTG Wishlist. Please, leave ask the questions below this post and we'll try to compile a nice FAQ in order to help all of you.

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  • How can I add a card to my Wishlist?
    • Cards can be added in two ways:
      1. Clicking the add button (+), typing the card name in English or the device's language and click on Add card
      2. Typing the card name in the search box, clicking on the lens and then in the detail screen, click on the add button (+) on the left of the card name
  • Can I add a new website or store?
    • Every store has its rules. We use to ask stores before including them and only show their prices if they want or if they don't answer. Unfortunately, custom stores can't be added yet, but if you think a store should be included in MTG Wishlist, please let us know and we'll do our best to include it.
  • I want SCG prices! is it possible?
    • As explained in the last question, we use to include stores only if they agree or if they don't answer. In this case SCG answered NO. We're sorry about that! :-(

  • Are card prices auto updated?
    • Yes! you can enable the setting in the options menu and set how often the list get updated in background mode. MTG Wishlist updates every item when connecting to WiFi or charge starts and stops when battery is low.
  • Does MTG Wishlist work offline?
    • MTG Wishlist has an internal offline database and stores all the saved cards including prices. Prices will be updated when connecting to the Internet
  • Can I look for cards in non English languages?
    • If you've the setting enabled in View Settings you can enter cards in your device's languages. Cards exist only in the following languages and not all cards are in every language:
      • English
      • French
      • Italian
      • Spanish
      • Portuguese
      • German
      • Russian
      • Chinese
      • Korean
      • Japanese
  • The app is slow, what can I do to improve its performance?
    • App performance usually is linked to the images and the connections to all stores. Images can be disabled in the View Settings, this will probably improve app performance.
      Non English language cards and custom cards also make some checks that require internet connection and may impact in the performance.
  • The app size is too large, how can I reduce it?
    • Every stored picture is around 200kb and card data can be around 1kb. Disabling images in Settings menu will reduce the app size as well as performance.
  • I want to see the total price of my cards in the bottom, is it possible?
    • Total price of a list is available only on MTG Wishlist Pro
  • I've reached the 40 monthly searches limit, what can I do?
    • MTG Wishlist initially was not developed as a Search Tool. Search clicking on the lens was an additional feature requested by MTG Wishlist Pro users, we decided to open it to MTG Wishlist Lite users with a limit of 40.
      The first solution is downloading MTG Wishlist Pro, but if you still want to search for cards using MTG Wishlist Lite, you still can do it by adding cards to your list and if you don't want them, then remove them from the list. You can also uninstall and install the app, that would bypass any limits, but will probably delete your list and preferences.
  • What's the difference between share and export?
    • You can share your lists with your friends in a human friendly format to be sent for example by email or Whatsapp. Export will generate a zip file to be used in MTG Wishlist in order to recreate your actual list.
  • Can I have multiple lists?
    • Yes, up to 3 lists can be created in MTG Wishlist Lite and unlimited in MTG Wishlist Pro. Creating a Wishlist can be done by sliding from left to right in the main list or clicking in the app action bar icon in the main list.
  • I want to upgrade from MTG Wishlist Lite to MTG Wishlist Pro, do I have to populate my list again?
    • No, you can use import/export feature or still using MTG Wishlist Lite with Pro features while both are installed.
  • How can I export and import my list?
    • Clicking on "menu" and "export" will generate a zip file in the mtgwishlist folder of the external storage. That file contains a CSV file with your list, you can read it and modify it but it may be corrupted and not imported anymore. You can import this file by opening it from the file browser or clicking on "menu", "import" and checking the file (it has to be in the mtgwishlist folder).
  • I want the prices in my country currency, is that possible?
    • MTG Wishlist sets the currency the first time according to your device country. Currencies can be changed to any currency in the settings menu.
  • I want to see original store prices instead of converted prices, can I do it?
    • Yes, currencies can be disabled by selecting the conversion option in the settings menu. This will show the original values of every store (USD for TCGPlayer, EUR for MKM...).
  • What is Top sells?
    • You can get notified when a store has a new item in its "top sells list" in order to be updated with selling trends.
      At the moment this feature is available only for Magic Card Market and TCG Player.
  • How can I add card fields to the list view?
    • Columns in the list can be selected in the View Options menu. Due to screen dimension issues, most of the values will be displayed only on landscape mode.
  • Latest edition is not included, why?
    • MTG Wishlist uses an offline database, at this means that we have to update the app after every new set. So if you don't find the brand new set, please update the app. From our side, we're working on getting online updates.
  • Looking for cards with filters?
    • At the moment the only available filters are the card name, color, type, set, artist and rarity. Just click on the Lens without inserting any name. We're working on advanced filters.
  • Can I add a full set to my list?
    • Yes, going to import menu, selecting the target list and the source Expansion Set and clicking on Start Import.
  • MTG Wishlist is not in my language, why?
    • If you want to translate the app ping us and we'll be more than happy to include you in the greetings :-)

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Unknown said...

hello, how do I contact you by email?

Ivan Kirstein said...

You've our mail address just at the bottom of this site, by clicking on The Munson's Apps

Unknown said...

Is there a way to backup the entire app (all lists at once and settings) instead of exporting each individual list?

Ivan Kirstein said...


at the moment export in CSV will export all the lists and include them into a ZIP file, so that would have all the lists backed up. In the import process from CSV you can select the list from the ZIP file, but as you point out, imports can be done into one list at the time (even though you can import multiple lists into one). We'll try to make this more usable in the future. Hope that helps!

Thanks for reaching us

Aimee Josephus said...

Can you delete a card from a list without deleting the whole list?

Aimee Josephus said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ivan Kirstein said...

Hi Aimee,

you can long press the card to delete it.


Unknown said...

I'm try to export my list from my galaxy s5 and import to my kindle HD fire tablet. The problem is the kindle isn't allowing me to select the file. I can't even find the file (on the kindle) when I transfer it via Bluetooth. I would like to do most of the work on the kindle but be able to use my phone as well. Am I screwed on this?

Ivan Kirstein said...

Can you try opening it from a File Browser?

Unknown said...

Hi there,

is there any reason, why there are no card prices for foil cards from Modern Masters 2017 (I'm using Magic Card Market as source)?

Ivan Kirstein said...

@Unknown, MM3 Prices should be fixed in the latest 2.28 version

Sascha Winter said...

You are right, the problem was fixed. Thank you very much. :)

Unknown said...

I have the pro version but for some reason everytime i try and use my list for unhinged it only either partially imports list or when it is done its out of order.

Ivan Kirstein said...

@Unknown, we'll have a look at your Unhinged issue

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