Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MTG Wishlist for Android 1.5

MTG Wishlist for Android icon
MTG Wishlist has recently included many important changes. Have a look at some of them:
  • Multiple lists support. Up to 4 different lists in the Lite version and unlimited in the Pro version.
    You can use a list for the want list, another for your Magic Card Market sells, other for the Expansion Set you're looking for, other for that weird deck...and much more!
    List menu is accessible by sliding from left to right or by clicking on the app icon.

    MTG Wishlist list menu
    List menu drawer
  • Import full sets. Now you can add to your wishlist (or another list you select) a full Expansion Set, up to 3 times in the Lite version and unlimited in the Pro version. There is also a Foil flag to indicate if the Expansion Set you're looking for is Foil or not.
    Import full sets is available on the Import menu. remember that you don't have to fill MKM or file data in order to import a set, you only have to select one of the three different import methods:

    MTG Wishlist full expansion import
  • Top sell items with notifications from:
    • TCG Player
    • Magic Card Market

    • Now you can see the hottest items directly in MTG Wishlist. You can set in the settings menu to get notified when a new card is added to the top sell list of your favourite store. We'll try to include more stores for you here!
      MTG Wishlist top sell items
      Magic Card Market top sell items list

  • New sets:
    • Sorin vs. Tibalt
    • M14 (only some spoiled cards)
    • Modern Masters
  • Last update field added to detail. Now you can know how actual is the card information, if you feel that it's outdated, click on the refresh button.
  • More currencies supported with auto-conversion. New currencies like Uruguayan peso or Colombian Peso.
    More supported currencies for MTG Wishlist
    Uruguayan peso list
  • New options for auto-refreshing on startup. Now an Android service will check cards when the application if started or plugged in order to keep them updated. You can configure the minimum amount of hours to make a card eligible to be updated. This constraint will save battery and data usage.
  • Magic Card Market import limits extended.
    MTG Wishlist Magic Card Market import
    Magic Card Market Import
  • New filter fields:

    • Rarity
    • Language
    • Card condition
      New Filter Fields

    All these features are possible thanks to your contributions and suggestions. Let us know if you would like to have more features!
    Please, leave your feedback in Google Play
    MTG Wishlist in Google Play

    MTG Wishlist Pro QR
    MTG Wishlist Pro

    MTG Wishlist Lite QR
    MTG Wishlist Lite

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    Tuesday, June 4, 2013

    MTG Wishlist 2.7.0 for Chrome


     MTG Wishlist for Chrome is out with the following features:

    • New Expansion Sets
      • M14
      • Modern Masters
      • Sorin vs. Tibalt
    • New fields at the bottom
      • Single cards: the amount of different items in the list
      • Total cards: the amount of different items * item quantity
      • Total Price TCGP: Average TCG Player price * item quantity
      • Total Price MKM: Estimated Magic Card Market price * item quantity
      • Total Price BB: Black Border price * item quantity

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