Thursday, June 16, 2011

MTG Finder 1.2.0

In MTG Finder 1.2, we've introduced two new searches:
  • The famous online store has collaborated with us providing a lookup service that shows card image, card price, card price average through some other stores and other card attributes. Just like displays the image below. Blackborder search it's light, so you can have quick access to Blackborder database. It also has a search toolbar to type your wanted cards.
    Depending on screen resolution, sometimes clicking the MTG Finder popup you can get a vertical hidden scrollbar that you can normal scroll down with mouse wheel. search
  • Gatherer. Official wizards magic the gathering database. Here you should be able to find everything about magic cards in every printed language (but the search with MTG Finder can be done only in english words). Card legality, artist info, official oracle text and much more!
Gatherer search

Keyboard shortcuts have been inserted, so you can search in a new tab or window (choose it on the options page) by pressing a custom key combination (default ctrl+shift+z). See your custom keys in the options page like shown below. Be careful with the chosen key combinations, because it can also trigger other Chrome features.
Thanks to Mohamed Mansour for his work done to catch keyboard events.
New options page
I would like to thank again's collaboration.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MTG Wishlist 2.1.0

After a few days of using the brand new MTG Wishlist 2.0.0, arrives the 2.1.0. I want to thank all the people that have collaborated reporting a bug or making suggestions.

The new version fixes the following bugs:

  • Working offline with the Blackborder price checked blocked the app
  • Cards with "-" in the name like leonin relic-warder displayed a N/A in the BB Price column

The improvements that MTG Wishlist 2.1.0 brings are:
  • Auto fill card expansion sets when inserting a card with the expansion set field blank. The expansion field will be set to the cheapest one according to Blackborder database (internet connection must be up!).
  • You can have multiple cards with same name but different expansion set. You must to choose an expansion set from the list when inserting the new card. If you choose an existing expansion set, the quantity of the actual card will be increased.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MTG Wishlist 2.0.0

MTG Wishlist Chrome Extension comes with several improvements to make your life easier. The first and most important is the collaboration with Blackborder to take live prices of your wished cards. The other is the possibility to import/export your wishlist.
The layout has been lightly changed to include new columns, increasing a little the popup width.

Take a few minutes to read the details of these new features described below:

  • The Blackborder price column contains the actual price of the card in US Dollars. Card prices are refreshed when Chrome starts, clicking the MTG Wishlist popup after 12 hours since last refresh or pressing the refresh button. The 12 hours wait time has been introduced to avoid some kind of delay if you have a lot of cards stored, so maybe you feel some delay once every 12 hours, so don't scare.

    The Blackborder price depends on the expansion set selected. Try to see the different prices of the same card in different expansion sets, like an Alpha (LEA) Black Lotus and an Unlimited (2ED) one. To see the differences, save the card with the changed expansion set and click the refresh button (or wait 12 hours). If your card doesn't have an expansion set associated or the expansion set is wrong, the cheapest price will be displayed. If the card doesn't exist (to use this feature, card names must be in english), N/A will be displayed.

    You can check cards directly in the Blackborder website by clicking the card price field.

  • Import/Export feature. To allow you to backup your lists and share it with others, a group of buttons have been inserted into the options menu. Note that generated files are named in some way like this "317417c0-dfa4-46bf-b449-5bfb1d6f4253". At the moment it seems that it's the only way to generate serverless downloads. Generated files are normal text files that can be opened with any text reader, so it's recommended to manually rename them (for example mywishlist.txt).

    Import/Export options

    The Export data button generates a file with your saved card data. This file is only as a backup or migration and shouldn't be opened or modified. This is the only file type to use in the import function.

    To Import data generated by the Export data button, you only need to click the "choose file" (see image) button and browse the file. A dialog window will ask you if you want to import the file. Cards will be merged with your already saved cards, so you wouldn't lose any data. If you don't want to merge cards, you can clear data before the import action. A confirmation popup will appear when the import is done. Think that if you import a big number of cards, loading time can be high.

    The Save data into file button generates a readable list of your cards with all the fields like shown below. It's useful to print your wishlist or share it with people that don't have MTG Wishlist. Remember to rename the file downloaded to fileName.txt .

    Name            Edition     Value Qty Rarity BBPrice (Stock) 
    mox diamond     Stronghold   30    3   R      34.99(0)        
    mox jet         Alpha              1   R      1249.99(0)      
    scrubland       Unlimited          1   R      79.99(0)        
    mental misstep  New Phyrexia       3   U      5.49(57)        

    Export to MWS button generates a file that can be imported by Magic Workstation, rename it to fileName.mwDeck (replacing fileName) and use it.

    // Deck file for Magic Workstation ( generated by MTG Wishlist (
    // rename this file to .mwDeck to use it with Magic Workstation
     3 [V10] mox diamond
     1 [A] mox jet
     1 [U] scrubland
     3 [NPH] mental misstep

  • Expansion set field has been added to allow you to select the differentiate card prices and make it exportable to MWS format.

    In the insert card form you will find right to the quantity field a list of all available editions full names sorted by edition date starting by the newest. At the end are included special sets like Chronicles, From the vaults or Duel decks. You can leave this field in blank choosing the first option, but it's discouraged.

    In the card list, the expansion set is displayed using the official set codes (check the full list of set codes here) in the same order of the full list mentioned before.

  • New view of MTG Wishlist
    Cards can be sorted by expansion (alphabetically) clicking on the set header.
  • The refresh button in the main page of the application at the moment only updates the Blackborder price of all stored cards. Since it depends on the connection  and number of cards stored, it's possible to see some delay, be patient.

  • Clear button has been moved from the application to the options menu.

  • Help messages have been included when mouse pass over some button or links.
That's all, I hope that this can be useful for you. Don't forget to leave your suggestions and the 5 stars in the Chrome Webstore if you like it!

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