Friday, December 17, 2010

Wikiquote Chrome Extension

Wikiquote is a wikipedia based webpage that contains a big amount of popular quotes in several languages.

I've developed a Chrome extension that brings you a quote everyday to your favourite browser, it's available in english: and spanish:

Here you will find some quotes from people like Simón Bolívar, Bob Dylan (as shown in the gallery screenshot), John F. Kennedy, Buddha or Albert Einstein. Read a quote once a day and you will have more interesting conversations ;-).

Feel absolutely free to comment this post for any suggestion.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Setting up the blog

The blog is actually on the "start up phase", it still needs a logo, a lot of contents, apps (some of them are developed and ready to be published) and the most important thing in every blog, visitors!

With this scope, I've researched in the webmaster's world and I've found some tips to get a more comfortable website for everyone. I've also found a general interest on the web about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techs. You should know that if your webpage is in the results of the search engines (such as google, yahoo or bing) queries, it will have more opportunities to get visitors. I describe below the methods and tools used at the moment here:

  • The best way to introduce your website to everyone is to use the social networks. If you insert a link to your webpage into facebook or twitter, your website will be target of a larger amount of queries. You can also insert the link in the firm of your blog comments, forum posts or emails, but be careful, don't be spammer!
  • Edit CSS. A great design is a great key to keep users. The CSS of the blog are now under construction, but you can see some android style details (remember, the droid is under license), they are hiddenly saying that this blog is about android without any word.
  • I've registered the blog into Weblogs, a blog directory that shows feeds realtime. This is very useful to link you and to be target of related searches. Although every SEO has an own way to calculate the crawl your page, they often looks at the webpages that link you.
  • The SEOs will find you if your rank is high (ok, I know, it's obvious, but keep it in mind). This is the really tough task to do. In the Pagerank site you'll find tips to get a better pagerank.
  • There are some websites dedicated to get links, visitors and advertise you. I've used the spanish site tutop, that ranks the best registered websites.
  • is an interesting website, it has analytics features, QR Code, short linking and URL customize if you register. You can enter your website URL and get a shorter link, like this: This link gets you into the bit page, get stats and redirects you to the wanted website. You can see the Bit stats by adding a "+" to the short URL, like this: or see the QR Code by adding .qrcode to the URL, just like this:
  • Google feedburner allows you to analyze, optimize and manage your feeds. Feedburner also interacts perfectly with blogger. It also gives you an feeds buttons like RSS, google and more.
  • Alexa is a website that gives you traffic metrics, search analytics, demographics, and more for websites. You should register your website to be tracked (and of course, get linked).
  • Technorati is another big web directory that saves blogs by categories and ranks them. You should absolutely register here.
  • I think that Google analytics needs no presentation, it's a very useful site to keep track of your visits, keywords, geographic zones. Here you can find some tips to add google analytics to your blogger page.
  • To allow your visitors to bookmark and share your site in an easy and fast way, exists add this. You maybe think that there is no reason to add you, but it's useful. You can give customized buttons to share and bookmarks, such as facebook, buzz, email, twitter and more.
I hope that this tips can help you. If you know another tips to have a greater and comfortable site, please, share it here. I'll be some posts like this when I improve our blogging methods.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

The QR Code

The QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a code patented by Denso Wave, you probably already know it, but let us write something about it.

The QR Code can be seen as the upgrade of the traditional barcodes, since it's a two-dimensional code that can encode large amounts of data in a quicker way. Although this kind of encoding is done to any scanner device, we'll see the QR Codes often associated to mobile phones due to the ease to scan it with the phone camera and elaborate the code instantly. There is a general thought in the web that says: "If you want to talk with humans, use ASCII characters, but if you want to talk to mobile phones, use the QR Codes". Since we can be reached by everyone, we will include our Munson's QR Code.

In the web we can find a lot of tools to generate QR Codes from URLs, emails, phone numbers or simple text and other tools to read those codes. We've used Kaywa to generate the following QRCode (try it!):

QR Code of

Do you have some innovative idea about QR Codes?

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MTG Finder 0.2

The first application presented in the blog is about Magic the Gathering (mtg), a famous trading card game.

If you have heard something about mtg, you will know that in there are thousands and thousands of different cards, is practically impossible to know all of them, the pictures, the formats where it's allowed, the artists, the updated text and a lot of another features.

Actually, there are some websites hosting databases with all the cards (such as, but if you are reading an article related you should open a new tab or window and do the query into the website. This is very uncomfortable, at least for me.

MTG Finder is a Chrome Extension done to find magic cards in and show them same window that you are looking without opening new tabs, windows or typing long words, you need only to select the card name and click the extension icon.

Figure that you are viewing a magic website that names a card that you've never seen before, named for exmple, "Ancient Ziggurat". As we can see in the Figure below, we only need to select it and click the button of the extension. A popup with the content of the magiccards.inf query appears and show us the desired card.

MTG Finder looking for Ancient Ziggurat
This Chrome Extension is available and downloadable for free on the Google Chrome Extensions website: MTG magic single cards finder.

I'm working on the options panel and keyboard shortcuts to do more accessible the query. If you try it and think that you need some feature, all your comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hello World

Welcome to the Munson blog!

I'm a computer science engineer and IT consultant interested in the computer science field who decided to develope some custom software applications as a hobby. So...of course!, this blog is based on the software application development!

The main goal of this blog is to publish some those applications, done mostly in the google's world frameworks (Chrome browser or Android Mobile SO) or Java EE, but not only. I want you to test the applications for giving feedbacks in order to improve them or to add new awesome features. The most important thing is that all of them must be useful applications for you.

I would like to give the possibility to those who have an idea about a new application and don't have time to waste, knowledge to do it or simply don't want to do it, to suggest me new applications, so another goal of the blog will be to satisfy this thoughts. I'm absolutely available to evaluate the proposals and make them real for you.

Another scope of this new blog is to inform you. I'll try to write about related technologies, programming languages, software engineering and other IT topics, but if I don't achieve it, I've included some interesting links on the right column just in case.

I hope that you will find interesting things here, and if you not, you're absolutely free to manifest your opinions.

Just enjoy it!
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