Monday, March 18, 2013

MTG Wishlist Lite and Pro new priced store: Card Shark

MTG Wishlist Lite and Pro have been released with some new stores/links!

  • New priced store! Card Shark is an american market place where users can buy/sell MTG cards (and non-MTG cards as well) in an easy way. Card Shark is here to bring you the lowest price and lowest price of their big amount of sellers.

    Card Shark price among other prices
  • Search without adding to Wishlist has been included too, to do it, you can write the name of the card in the search box of the main list and click on the lens. This feature is limited to 25 times for the Lite version and unlimited for the Pro. The list will be filtered at the same time, maybe you're looking for a card existing in your list! Remember to clear the filter after the search to see the whole list.
  • 2 new sites are linked to MTG Wishlist, the use of these links is limited in the lite version and unlimited in the Pro. Here you have the full list:

New stores on MTG Wishlist

  • is one if the largests (if not the largest) store in the United Kingdom. It has also a great MTG community behind with great articles and events.
  • Bazaar Games is the UK's leading Magic the Gathering online store, stocking a huge range of single cards, booster and tournament packs, decks, and trading card games accessories for sale.

  • An error displaying BlackBorder's Foil price has been solved.
Let us know if there are some Stores that you miss here!

We hope these new features are good enough for you. We'll still be working on this, the most immediate features in our TO-DO list are:

  • Import / Export
  • Sync with Chrome app (not sure if it will be possible)

Please, leave your feedback in Google Play

MTG Wishlist Pro

MTG Wishlist Lite


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