Sunday, December 9, 2012

MTG Wishlist for Android (Beta)

Do you usually track your wanted cards in your MTG Wishlist Chrome Extension?

MTG Wishlist is finally here as a free Android application!! Save your Magic The Gathering cards with prices extracted directly from different real stores and have them always offline.

At the moment, MTG Wishlist is a Beta version,we expect you to help us improving it for you.

MTG Wishlist allows you to save Magic The Gathering cards you want in a Wishlist in a quick way directly on your device showing the pictures, live prices from famous webstores, card text, available expansion set and more useful data.

MTG Wishlist contains a full cards database, that gives you the autocomplete possibility when inserting cards or the chance to check the available Expansion Sets for every card.
Be patient with initial load, there are more than 20,000 cards to be loaded!!

MTG Wishlist displays card prices for Magic singles directly from the following webstores and make them available Offline:

-TCG Player (Low, Average and High prices)
-Black Border (Normal and Foil prices)
-Deck Tutor (Low, Average, Foil and Japanese/Korean/Russian prices)
-Magic Card Market (Low, Estimated and Foil prices)
-Channel Fireball (Normal and Foil prices)
-Magic Online Traders League (Online Low, Average and High prices)

Stores settings menu

If those webstores are not enough for you, you can define an additional Custom Value for each listed card and even a custom currency for it. To show it on the main list menu, select Custom Store on Store settings menu. Selecting a preferred store on settings menu will make it appear on the main list, used to sort and to calculate total price.

Your wanted cards can be displayed in all MTG available languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Russian and Chinese), if they exist for that card, depending on your device language:

The card list can be sorted by different qualifiers, shared or filtered by type, set, color and even artist.


To enable all these features, ensure that added card names are correctly spelt in English.

You can download MTG Wishlist directly from Google Play:

Enjoy this Beta version!


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